Japan Marine Supplies and Services offer a wide range of special port services to reefer carriers, bulk carriers, tankers, research vessels, passenger ships and fishing vessels. These services are provided 24-hours and 7 days a week.

Furthermore we cater for casual and off-port limit callers and principles who dispatch their vessels to the port of Cape Town for dry-docking and repairs. Trained staff with years of experience manage these vulnerable and responsible duties with dedication, etiquette and decorum.

Huge responsibilities are bestowed upon agents, as they have to remain abreast with changing port authority activities governing docking, discharging, bunkering, provisioning and sailing. Vessel movement within the port is strictly controlled and governed by the ship’s agent.

Many variations to the rule and disparities are a few of the discrepancies our agents have to contend with. The shipping industry is prone to these disruptions and agents are well learned and perform amicably under these conditions.

Many of our agents have familiarised themselves with the Japanese and Spanish languages, facilitating better communication between them, vessel owners and fishing masters.

Their tasks and duties often have to be performed under strenuous conditions as agents may be required to work through the night where discharging and provisioning have to be scheduled to accommodate the pressures of busy periods.

Our agency services are on par with the rest of the world and has received complementary recognition for their diligence and expeditiousness.

The following port agency and maritime services are offered:

  • Husbandry.
  • Crew change.
  • Cost assessment.
  • Protecting agency functions and port clearances.
  • Co-ordination of loading and discharging.
  • Arranging dry-docking facilities.
  • Supervising repairs and maintenance work.

We offer specialised services to all Japan Marine clients:

  • Cargo handling supervision.
  • Storage conveyance of spares and gear.
  • Tallying.
  • Supervision of stevedoring activities.
  • Liaison with port and transport authorities.

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